Our aim is to:
  • encourage wider public interaction with the arts through access to the Park
  • facilitate great cuisine, design and entertainment
  • present lifestyle and culture in sympathy with nature
  • fund, enhance and expand our commitment to the arts.

In doing so we will preserve NIROX’ aesthetic and ecological integrity; and its commitment to the arts.

NIROX demands the highest standards, careful to ensure minimal environmental impact and to maintain the integrity of the complex.   Functions are related to and consistent with NIROXs commitment to the contemporary arts.


The undulating lawns, woodlands, grasslands and waterways provide extensive opportunities for walks, picnics, al fresco meals, meetings, festivals, private functions/getaways, concerts and discreet entertainment.

Effective April 2013, the facilities were complemented with the addition of the GARDEN Pavilion & Kitchen – a minimalist structure by award winning architect Johan Bergenthuin, which provides seamless facilities for a wide range of applications – augmenting the existing covered terrace, lawn amphitheatre, studios and workshops.


Discerning cuisine, design and entertainment are cornerstones of contemporary arts and culture. We provide expression for the best local and international chefs, designers and entertainers through chef’s residencies, public and private functions, workshops and collaborations. The venue is unique and will not suit all occasions. We are selective to ensure that we deliver singular experiences, in sync with the environment – aspiring to the highest standards.