Located across the valley from NIROX (5 minutes by golf cart) the workshop comprises a large farm shed and ‘plein air’ concrete working slab, suited to produce and restore large scale work.

The workshop will be managed as an extension of NIROX, providing convenient access to the sculpture park and residency; expanding the arts hub in the Cradle of Humankind.


The workshop will specialize in all manner of sculpture production, by providing facilities to sculptors and executing their technical specifications on their behalf.

Functional & other objects

The expertise developed within the workshop will be applied to design and produce, or produce to others’ design, objects of high quality.

Workshop Manager

Allen Laing is now in residence as the workshop manager.

Edoardo Villa Restorations

The workshop has, and will further develop capacity to repair and restore the works of Edoardo Villa, to standards approved by the Claire and EDOARDO VILLA ARTISTIC TRUST.